How to Pray: Specific Needs and Requests


Prayer is crucial in evangelism: Only God can change the heart….No matter how logical our arguments or how fervent our appeals, our words will accomplish nothing unless God’s Spirit prepares the way.”

Billy Graham


 Strategic 15er Praying:

For the vision to occur we must be diligent and committed to…Prayer saturation that leads to Gospel saturation that results is reducing lostness, multiplying new disciples which will birth new churches that will multiply exponentially all along the Front Range and the West for the glory of God.

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Known as the Mile High City, Denver is the 15th largest city in the nation. Much of the Denver area along the I-25 corridor is referred to as The Front Range. Of the nearly 5 million people who live in the state of Colorado, over 4 million live in the metro Denver area. While our population growth is far above the norm of most of the country, church growth trails far behind. The SBC church-to-population ratio for SEND Denver is 1 to 19,397. Thus, there is a desperate need for strong, evangelistically passionate churches to saturate The Front Range and beyond.

Northern (Longs Peak) Region:
The Northern region of the Front Range is known as the Longs Peak region. It has Weld & Larimer counties and part of Boulder County included.

Four Major communities define this region:

– Fort Collins (1 to 19,000 SBC church to population ratio)
– Loveland(1 to 24,000 SBC church to population ratio)
– Greeley (1 to 12,500 SBC church to population ratio)
– Longmont (1 to 45,000 SBC Church to population ratio).

Pikes Peak Region:
South of Denver is known as the Pikes Peak region with the major city in this region being Colorado Springs. Metro Colorado Springs has a population of over 645,000 people. There two counties El Paso and Teller counties that make up the region.

Colorado Springs is the 2nd largest city in Colorado. 20% of the population is employed by the military with Fort Carson and four Air Force installations. High Tech, Defense, and tourism are the top three industries in the region. (1-to-12,000 SBC Church to population ratio.

SEND Front Range Coalition:
The SEND Front Range Coalition is a pastor- and Associational-led partnership with representatives from all along the Front Range. These leaders collaborate to pray for a movement of God, develop Gospel strategies, pool resources, network, develop training centers and seek partners for reaching Colorado.

They have adopted the following goal and vision: Our goal is to plant churches that plant churches which bring both gospel-telling and gospel-showing into their communities. We see a day when God creates a movement that causes the spiritual landscape of this city and region to one day reflect the physical landscape of God’s incredible creation.