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Join us in Praying with Thanksgiving…

We are celebrating the four church planting couples who completed our Send Network Assessment last week and are making plans to move to the metro area and region from, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Texas.

Join us in Praying these Requests…

Pray for Mekbib & Mimi Woldegebrieal as they plant a new church to reach Ethiopians in Aurora. Their Sending Church is Community of Grace in Aurora, CO. They began services in April.

Keystone Church, Loveland [A.J. Neely] as they launch in the east end of Loveland with his team.  Pray for them as they build favor and serve their community this fall. They meet a local elementary school at 10 am on Sunday’s. Lake Arlington Baptist Church, Arlington, TX is their sending church.

Dwell Church, Denver [Josh Cook] as they launch in the West Colfax neighborhood near Bronco stadium.  Pray for them as they seek favor and reach their neighborhood with the gospel. There sending church is Vintage Church, New Orleans

Please pray for Oak Church, Denver [Derick & Cayla Sherfey] as they continue to build a team and favor in their community as they continue to form a team.

Peak Church, Louisville [Robby & Kim Pitt] Pray for their outreaches in the community and as they continue to build a missionary team. Valley Community Church, Lafayette is their sending church.

 Overland Church, Fort Collins [Zack Thurman] pray for them as they reach students at Colorado State University with their college ministry lead by Buddy Sampson. Also pray for their preview service this Sunday at 10 am.

PRAY for pastors from Texas and Tennessee who have been on Vision tours the past three weeks to determine what church planters to partners and become a Supporting church.

Trailhead Church, Wellington [John Richardson] Trailhead Church is looking to purchase their facility in their community.  Pray for all to work out for them to secure the facility.

Please pray for Cholo and Victoria Khongrathas they gather Laotians in north Denver through North Metro Church, Thornton.