Join us in Praying for Thankfulness…

Jonathan Ferre and his wife, Myrna had a baby girl, Mirelix Noelle born on November 14. They are also thankful for the start of a monthly men’s meeting that Jonathan leads.

Calvary En Espanol, Englewood [Fabian Perea] Celebrating their one year anniversary, Sunday, December 4th with Calvary, Englewood.

The Bridge Fellowship, Colorado Springs [Steve Farris] celebrated several new baptisms November 27th with the Lords Supper. They also celebrating their 1st Annual “FALL BASH” for military and first responder families in our community with over 400 people who attended and gave away prizes to 75 military and first responder families who registered.

 Calvary Restoration Church, Aurora [Jeff Jung] launched with over 40 people in a new location in Aurora on November 6th.

 Join us in Praying these Requests…

Colorado Mongolian Church, Denver [Mojic Baldandorj] Pray for Mojic wife, Munckhuu who gave birth to Ezra before Thanksgiving.  The Baby is healthy but pray for his wife Munckhuu who had two surgeries and stayed at ICU for three days. Hospital removed the oxygen from Munckhuu Wednesday and they have been at Mother and Baby room since Friday.  Munckhuu is under observation due to her kidney problem. Please continue to pray for her kidney to improve.

 Cypress Community Church, [Skylar Anderson] pray for their 2nd gathering this Sunday, December 4th at Historic Grant Ave Church in Baker neighborhood on Sunday nights. Pray as they gather people to be part of their team.

Pray for the pastor  planters and churches as they conduct outreaches and Christmas services this month in December.  In this culture in Colorado people tend to respond better to Christmas season activities and respond to spiritual matters more. 

Calvary, Summitview, Centennial [Gabe Reed] Pray for Gabe who serves as the first replant pastor in Denver building team, leadership and reaching out to the community with the former congregation. They launch in January 2017.  Gabe and his wife are celebrating the birth of their first child in November.

Heights Community Church, Denver [Corbin Hobbs] Pray for their 2nd preview service in Palmer Elementary school December 4th. Pray for the neighbors, friends, and coworkers of their team. Many of these people have been invited. Pray that they would come and hear the gospel. Pray for the people receiving door hangers on Saturday that they read the invitation that the Holy Spirit would stir in their hearts and they would commit to be present.

Trailhead Church, Wellington [John Richardson] Pray for them during their 40 days (Daniel Fast) of and prayer that begins on December 6th as they prepare their hearts for the new church.  They will launch the church on Sunday, January 15, 2017.

Pray for our first RePlant Assessment with 8 potential couples to be assessed in Denver the first week of March, 2017.  Pray for couples to complete their pre work and for the team of assessors from the RePlant group of NAMB as they travel to Denver.