The 15-er Prayer Initiative

Knowing that Jesus clearly stated that without Him we can do absolutely nothing eternal and worthwhile (Jn. 15:5), we are choosing to seek Him diligently through prayer since He told us that some things can’t change without prayer (Mk. 9:29). Our goal is to mobilize some 15,000 intercessors to pray for an outpouring of God in our state. Colorado seems to be on a downward trend away from the things of God. We believe we must ask our big God for big movement (Jer. 33:3).

Our goal is to mobilize some 15,000 intercessors to pray for a major outpouring of God in our state.

Those who have lived in Colorado and/or are familiar with the Rocky Mtns. know that Colorado is not only famous for its mountains but is famous for the abundance of 14,000 foot peaks. These are known as the 14ers. In fact there are 54 mtns. that at their highest peak are over 14,000 feet in elevation.   That is impressive and why so many flock to Colorado to get a glimpse through sight-seeing or conquer these 14ers by hiking to the summit.

The Scripture uses the analogy of a watchmen on the wall looking out over a city and watching for the enemy as one illustration of non-stop praying and passionate pleading for God to establish His people as the praise of the earth (Isa. 62:6-7). Interestingly, that Scripture passage tells us to give ourselves and God no rest. In a nutshell, God is telling us to come to Him and wear Him out with a plea for Him to show up and show His might that clears away the stones and obstacles to His glory.

Take note of a couple of truths in this passage: It had to be a shared responsibility to pray continuously. It is not possible for a few to give themselves to 24/7 prayer without others sharing in the responsibility. Secondly, the watchman watched from a high tower.

This is where the 15er Summit Prayer Initiative comes in. In Colorado mountain climbing, you are said to have conquered a 14er when you reach the summit. Just as a watchmen perched in a high spot for the purpose of protection, warning, and observing the activity below, we are, likewise asking you to position/summit your life above the fray, the turmoil, the obstacles to the saturation of Colorado with the Gospel. We’re asking you to become a 15er Summit Watchman who spiritually rises above every high peak of Colorado and passionately intercedes for a movement of God, who faithfully prays for laborers already in the harvest field as well as those yet to be sent, who asks God for the transformation of His people who will in turn be an instrument of transformation in our culture.

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